Dr John Chinegwundoh



  • Pleurisy
    Pleurisy is a painful condition where the lung lining is irritated and inflamed. The usual cause is an infection in the adjacent lung. Occasionally it can be associated with other conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Treatment of the underlying infection with antibiotics in addition to anti-inflammatory painkillers is all that is required. The symptoms can persist for many weeks or even months in some patients.
  • Sports related breathing problems
    *Some patients with Asthma have symptoms of breathlessness, cough and/or wheeze triggered by the actual exertion involved in playing sport. This has various implications and a Management Plan needs to be formulated to improve both performance and enjoyment of the particular sport.Playing Sports is generally good for the lungs and will increase your lung capacity. However, excessive endurance training, particularly in cold and damp conditions can harm the fragile lining of the tubes in the lung. This can lead onto an Asthma-like syndrome.