Dr John Chinegwundoh



My husband has been in and out of hospital, seeing different doctors each time. No one seemed to understand what was going on.  We met Dr John who took the time to go through all the case notes and made the diagnosis finally; since then my husband has been on the right treatment and stayed out of hospital.


I had been ill for a couple of months and I just thought that I was run down and had a cough. Ended up in A&E and my Xray showed a shadow. They were great but I was given a two week appointment at the hospital. One of my friends recommended Dr Chinegwundoh and I saw him the next morning, had my CT scan that afternoon and he referred me that same evening to a Cancer Specialist. I can’t thank him enough for sorting everything out so quickly and getting treated before it was too late


I had been suffering with these really prolonged chest infections for the last 3 winters. My wife forced me to go to the GP who recommended Dr Chinegwundoh.  He organised some tests and found out that I had a condition which was causing all the problems. He organised special physiotherapy for my chcst and inhalers, and I have been fine since then.


I was training for a marathon but I was getting more and more chesty when I was running. Dr John  explained that I had a problem with running very early in the morning when it was really cold and damp. He did some tests and I adjusted my training with really good results.